crowthorne Carnival 2022 - the platinum years

With 2022 being the Queen's Platinum Year we just had to have a related theme. This year's biggest event in Crowthorne is therefore 'The Platinum Years, Monarchy, Music and Mayhem. 1952-2022'. Just reflect on that period of time. So much has changed. When it comes to the Grand Parade the theme provides plenty of scope for interpretation, to dress up ‘carnival style’, join in and take us down memory lane. That said, we hope that not everyone will come as Freddie Mercury!

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Your role in the Carnival

  • Join in - if you do nothing else, just find a way to join in and have some fun – don’t be the odd one out!

  • Organise an event as part of Carnival Week - let us know your ideas so we can promote them.

  • Take a stall at the fete - the fete provides a commercial opportunity so why not hire a pitch?

  • Run an entertainment at the fete - and raise your organisation’s profile or raise money to help fund the Carnival and ensure its future.

  • Consider Sponsorship - sponsor a specific element of the Carnival Parade, an attraction in the afternoon fete or donate a prize for our lottery.

  • Advertise in the Programme - a colour programme goes to every home in Crowthorne. It details the week’s activities and our sponsors.

  • Make a donation - the Carnival is totally dependent upon your donations to fund the events. Any monies remaining are distributed to voluntary groups in the Crowthorne area. It would be great if you could kick us off with a donation, which can be made at our Just Giving page. Every penny helps.

With your help and support we are going to make 2022 a year to remember for all the right reasons! Make a note in your diary. It starts on Saturday 2 July with the traditional parade and fete that same afternoon. This is followed by a week-long period of celebratory events.

But we can’t do this on our own. We need sponsors, we need marshals for the parade and we need stalls and organisations to run events. Now is the time to come forward. See the sections below, the entry forms page or simply CONTACT US NOW. Send an email to the Carnival Secretary setting out how you can help and we will get in touch.

Steve Loudoun

Chairman of and on behalf of the Crowthorne Carnival Committee - November 2021

If you are a local business wishing to foster goodwill with your customers then the Carnival is an excellent way to show you care!

If you are a youth group, club, society or business looking to take part in the events that make up Carnival week then you will be most welcome.

Organising an event of this size is quite a challenge. We'd love to have you join our team. Your reward will be a huge sense of achievement!

‘Carnival Day’ commences with a street procession of floats and walkers.

The fete is held at the Morgan Field and features stalls from many charities and local groups, a mini funfair, stage entertainment and many food outlets.

Carnival Royalty

The competition to find the Carnival 'Celebrity' and her/his Attendants is now open to all 7-12 year olds.

The Carnival acts as a focus for many fun events and competitions run by the Carnival and local organisations.

Flower Festival

The Flower Festival is a cornerstone of the Carnival. Running 9 -11 July at St Johns Church.

The Carnival is a community event comprising a host of activities, providing an opportunity for residents of Crowthorne to become involved and to benefit from them.