crowthorne Carnival 2022

Crowthorne Carnival runs every other year. Lockdowns meant that we had to cancel the 2020 Carnival, but we'll be in business again in 2022 - 2nd to 10th July.

As we look forward, we believe that a full carnival will once again provide our residents, local business and voluntary organisations with a wonderful opportunity to come together and celebrate as one.

BUT – your Carnival needs your help!

Our organising committee is simply too small to carry on and unless we have more help future of the Carnival will be in doubt, so we urgently need more people like you to join the team.

Steve Loudoun: Chairman of and on behalf of the Crowthorne Carnival Committee - February 2021

Download the full programme (25MB)

If you are a local business wishing to foster goodwill with your customers then the Carnival is an excellent way to show you care!

If you are a youth group, club, society or business looking to take part in the events that make up Carnival week then you will be most welcome.

Organising an event of this size is quite a challenge. We'd love to have you join our team. Your reward will be a huge sense of achievement!

‘Carnival Day’ commences with a street procession of floats and walkers.

The fete is held at the Morgan Field and features stalls from many charities and local groups, a mini funfair, stage entertainment and many food outlets.

Carnival Princess

The Carnival Princess for 2018 was Eva Hannah from Crowthorne CofE. If you would like to take part in 2020 then we'd love to hear from you.

Have fun making a scarecrow in keeping with the theme of the Carnival

Design the artwork for the front page of the Carnival programme

The Carnival is a community event comprising a host of activities, providing an opportunity for most residents of Crowthorne to become involved and to benefit from them.