Being a member of a dynamic, motivated, friendly, happy group helps to make life worthwhile and meaningful. The Carnival Committee is just such a group and would warmly welcome you.

The work of the Committee goes largely unnoticed for most of the year.  One year we are working up to the event, and the next one we are winding down from it.  With a Carnival taking place only every other year the demands on anyone’s overall time is not that great amounting to perhaps a few hours a month.  But the return potential is enormous as on the day there will be thousands of smiling faces; something to stand back and be proud of being a part of.

The local Carnival tradition goes back some 50 years or so.  Over that time, we have built up a ‘manual’ that sets out what to do and when so its all clear and made easy.  That does not mean the plan is cast in stone, it is a living working document that often benefits from ongoing challenge and review.  Fresh eyes bring in new ideas and helps us all keep our thinking current.  It is all to easy just to keep doing what has been done before and thereby get stale.

I joined the team in 2019 and was very pleased to find that I had joined a great but small team of people who quickly accepted and supported me as I got to learn the ropes.  Planning the Carnival has many facets and additional support of any sort, small or large, would be much appreciated.  So don’t be shy, don’t be fearful, just contact us we will find a way to put your talents to best use.  


Steve Loudoun - Chairman Crowthorne Carnival Committee

To learn more please get in touch via our Facebook page (link below) or click here to email me.  We really look forward to hearing from you.