minimising Waste

Recommendations on waste minimisation 

Carnival week is an amazing festival of fun where the community has the opportunity to celebrate together. But today, more than ever, we need to think about the way we run these events to protect our environment and minimise waste. 

We have drafted these guidelines to help everyone involved think about reducing, reusing and recycling for a more sustainable carnival. The Carnival committee are grateful for the help being offered by Bracknell Forest Council when it comes to waste and helping make the week an even bigger success. We hope this guidance will help you to consider your approach to waste minimisation and that you will help us identify best practices that can be promoted for future events. 

The Carnival is a major local event and this year the organisers want everyone to do what they can to reduce, reuse and recycle. Thank you for your support.

Crowthorne Carnival Committee 

Carnival floats and procession

NB The judges will be taking into consideration the environmental impact of each entry. 

Food and beverage suppliers

Non-food Stall holders


Waste arrangements on the day of the procession

Advice on local recycling and waste disposal options


Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash