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carnival 2016

Dear friends,

The comments about how good the Carnival was yesterday are flooding in. The ‘exit poll’ from the field was also 100% supportive, lots of “thank you and well done”, as was feedback on the organisation of the procession – it was all flawless. The judges too were most complimentary at how well run the whole event was.

Everyone in Crowthorne is remarking how fantastic a day it was and how it makes Crowthorne such a community and such a great place to live. As a result of Dr Phillip Lee MP inviting Sky News to the Carnival we were also on the news during the day and despite the political speak of the interviews the backdrop of our Carnival has put it on the map.

I want to add my thanks and congratulations. You have really done yourselves, the committee and the community proud and you should all feel a deep sense of satisfaction for a job well done. Pat yourselves on the back. I could not be more proud of our team.

There were so many additional helpers on the day, too numerous to mention, but they too deserve a pat on the back and a sincere thank you. Would you please pass on our collective thanks to all your ad hoc helpers. Without them it would not work.

So take a rest today, and chill out. You deserve it.

My very best regards.

Ken Newland - Chairman

Carnival Programme 2016.pdf

Carnival Princess

The final choice of the judges was for Hannah Mackie as the Carnival Princess. Hannah is 10 years old and attends Wildmoor Heath School. Hannah is attended by Olivia Veitch and Tallulah Coates. Olivia and Tallulah are also 10 and attend Wildmoor Heath School.

These lucky girls will lead the Carnival Procession in a chauffeur-driven vintage car. This comes after having hair and beauty treatments and attending a pre-procession reception. The girls will also be given dresses, which will be theirs to keep and presented with gifts to remember their day.

Our thanks once again to our sponsors: Charismatic Cars, The Candy Box, Michael Hardy, Angelic Beauty and Refresh.

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Photos and clippings

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