Get involved now!

After all we have been through is there any better way to get together as a community in order to celebrate and enjoy what we have available to us locally? Whether you live, work or just visit Crowthorne, Carnival Week provides the best opportunity in a long time, to have a great time.

The last Carnival was in 2018 and with it being The Queen’s Platinum Year we just had to have a related theme. For this years big event it will be ‘The Platinum Years, Monarchy, Music, and Mayhem. 1952 –2022'. Just reflect on that period of time. So much has changed. When it comes to the Grand Parade the theme provides plenty of scope for interpretation, to dress up ‘carnival style’, join in and take us down memory lane. That said, we hope that not everyone will come as Freddie Mercury!

Our offer to you

Joining in: If you do nothing else, just find a way to join in and have some fun – don’t be the odd one out!

Why not organise an event as part of Carnival Week? - We need people and organisations to work together and run events. Let us know your ideas so we can promote them. In return all we ask for is a donation from proceeds to help with Carnival costs.

Have a stall at the fete? The fete provides a commercial opportunity why not hire a pitch? Visit the 'Entry forms' section for details.

Run an entertainment at the fete? You could do it to raise your organisation’s profile or raise money to help fund the Carnival and ensure its future.

Consider Sponsorship? Why not sponsor a specific element of the Carnival Parade or an attraction in the afternoon fete. Maybe you could donate a prize for our lottery? Your generosity would be noted in the list of sponsors in our Carnival Programme.

Place an Advert in the Programme? We will produce a colour Programme that is distributed to every home in Crowthorne. It will include details of the week’s activities, who is doing what as well as the details of all our sponsors. Visit the 'Entry forms' section for details.

Just Giving: how about making a donation as every pound helps. Having to cancel the 2020 Carnival due to COVID has reduced our funds. Click here to visit our Just Giving page.


The Carnival is a wonderful opportunity to raise the local profile but its success relies on the support of the whole community. If you are interested in helping us in any way then please get in touch by clicking here to email the Carnival Secretary

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Steve Loudoun (Chairman)