carnival procession

Takes place on 2 July 2022

‘Carnival Day’ commences at noon with a street procession of floats and walkers travelling from Wellington College, via Dukes Ride and the High Street to the Morgan Recreation Ground where there is entertainment to watch and stalls to browse throughout the afternoon.

Everyone likes a parade! The joy of the cheering crowds, the bright colours, the raucous noise, and the sheer exuberance are at their most magical during a street procession. The shiny eyes of the little ones both along the route and on the floats make it all worthwhile. Here are some of the details:

  • Entering the procession: Procession entries are free. The Carnival team sets the theme for the Carnival and all a procession entrant needs to do is to interpret the theme into something that is fun and cheerful. You simply complete the entry form and the team will advise you of the logistics and other requirements.

  • Judging the entries: Shortly before the floats / walkers set off a number of dignitaries (including mayors, MP, and other well-known local people) will judge the floats in each of the five categories.

  • 1. Schools

  • 2. Pre-Schools

  • 3. Youth Groups

  • 4. Community Groups

  • 5. Trade / Commercial

(And some may not wish to be judged)

The winner in each category will receive a plaque and a certificate commemorating their achievement.

At the ‘village square’ in front of the library further judging takes place to select the best overall float in the procession. The winner is awarded the procession cup, on the Carnival stage, to hold for two years. The winner’s name is engraved on the cup.

  • The role of the procession team: The Carnival procession team is tasked with prioritising the safety of the entrants, the public and other road users. They put up signage in the week before the procession, they close the roads, and have stewards and marshals along the route. But entrants still carry their own responsibilities for safety.

  • The street collection: Each float is asked to carry a collection bucket or two and to collect donations from the public along the route. The funds collected are distributed amongst the good causes that have previously applied unless there is a shortfall in funds to pay for the procession.

  • General safety: Safety instructions and advice are given to each entry and stewards are on-hand to help. Qualified first aid assistance accompanies the procession and police and fire fighters are normally in attendance. Emergency contact numbers are distributed.

  • Rubbish: click here to see our recommendations on keeping waste to a minimum.

Please go to the Entry Forms page for the booking form.