Taking part in the Carnival activities enhances your engagement with our local community, introduces you to new friends, and is simple feel-good fun! Being an observer on the side-lines is great, being engaged in it is even better.

Thousands of local people are actively engaged in aspects of the Carnival. School teachers and parents, flower arrangers, local clubs, societies and charities, and many more. Some ways you can take part are:

  • Be in the parade: Everyone loves a parade! Whilst many schools take part in the parade there are other categories from local business to a family entrant. So if you have ever wanted to hear that cheering and receive that adulation put in an entry and join the parade.

  • Have a stall: The fete usually has over 80 stalls across a very wide range of types. This attracts huge numbers of people who play, buy and participate. You don’t need to be a strong club or charity to have a stall. Whatever is your interest you can promote it on our field.

  • Run an event: Whilst the major Carnival event is the procession and the fete, we have other events running all through the following week. Some of these are run by the Carnival team (eg Quiz Night, Carnival Party/Dance, Treasure Hunt, School Music Festival, Front Garden Competition, Shop Window Competition, Photo Competition), others are ‘Associated Events’, that is run by other teams during Carnival week (eg Flower Festival, Derby & Joan Tea Party, Darts Competition, Summer Classical Concert). If you wish to run an event during Carnival week it will be promoted on the Carnival website, Facebook page, and in the Carnival Programme. So you get free advertising and the community get a bigger, better Carnival week.

  • Enter a competition: Winning a competition is great, but there is also joy in being in a competition. Whether you are a local shop (Shop Window Competition), are a gardener (Front Garden Competition), a photographer (Photographic Competition), a family (Family Treasure Hunt), or are knowledgeable (Carnival Quiz), there is something for everyone. See our competitions on the Events and Forms page

  • Have a good time: We try and run some events just for the fun of it. You know the situation: you’re not sure if you can be bothered, but you go out anyway, and have such a great time that you go home tired but smiling and realise what you might have missed. The Carnival Dance Party is such an event. So is the Derby and Joan Tea Party, or the Music Festival, and the Flower Show. Check out the Programme and attend as many as you can. Assume you will attend unless it is impossible for you to do so.

If you have any questions about participating then please click here to send us an email