Carnival week provides the best opportunity to engage with your local community, meet your neighbours, make new friends, and have a great time. Watching people have fun is great, but joining in is even better.

During the week thousands of local people get involved; school teachers and parents, flower arrangers, local clubs and businesses, societies and charities, and many more. Here are just some of the ways you can take part:

  • Be in the parade: Everyone loves a parade! Look at the website. We have 5 categories for judging and 1 just for fun. Everyone says it’s a great experience walking down the High St hearing the shouts and seeing thousands of smiling faces.

  • Have a stall: The fete usually has over 80 stalls with a wide range of offers. Some are selling to raise money for their cause, others challenge you to win a prize and some tell you about what is going on in the area and how you can join in. This provides so much opportunity – have a think, get in touch, book that stall.

  • Run an event: Whilst the Carnival Parade and fete are the main events other activities are run all through the following week. Some of these are run by the Carnival team others are ‘Associated Events’, which are run by others. If you wish to run an event during Carnival week it will be promoted on the Carnival website, Facebook page, and in the Carnival Programme. So you get free advertising and the community get a bigger, better Carnival.

  • Enter a competition: Winning a competition is great, but there is also much to be gained just by joining in. Details of the competitions available will be published on the website as they become known, so log in and check regularly; sign up to our Facebook page.

  • Have a good time: Above all else, on the day and during the week there will be events and activities there just for your entertainment. Many will be free so make a note in your diary not to miss out. The Carnival Programme will drop through your letterbox in June. It will contain all of the details you need to plan your week. Money raised during the Carnival pays for the cost of the event and helps support local charities and organisations.

If you have any questions about participating then please click here to send us an email