Being a member of a dynamic, motivated, friendly, happy group helps to make life worthwhile and meaningful. The Carnival Committee is just such a group. You won’t regret joining us.

Most of what we do is in the background: the administrative and organisational stuff that enables everyone else to have their event, stall, float, or whatever, without them having to worry about anything other than their own part. We have a well-tested Carnival Plan that sets out what we need to do and when, so it’s easy really. We just follow the Plan.

But what really sets us apart is the great bonhomie of the team and their willingness to accept new people and to support them as they get to know the ropes. So don’t be shy, don’t be fearful, just contact us and say “Hi. I am a nice person and I want to do something for the Carnival”.

At the moment we particularly need someone to help organise and manage the Procession. Enabling this key element of the Carnival to happen is a very rewarding experience.

Other key parts are the “Fete and Arena” show on the Morgan Rec immediately after the procession and the co-ordination of events through the week, mainly run by village organisations under our guidance.

Planning the Carnival has many facets and additional support of any sort, small or large, would be much appreciated.

To know more please get in touch via our Facebook page (link below) or send an email to the Carnival secretary. We really look forward to hearing from you.