The Crowthorne Carnival is a community event comprising a number of activities. In general these activities provide an opportunity for most Crowthorne residents to become involved and to benefit from them.

The Objective of the Crowthorne Carnival (reference the Constitution) is:

To foster community spirit by promoting, normally every other year, a Carnival for the benefit of all Crowthorne residents and the general public at large. To involve all local organisations wishing to participate thereby helping to harmonise the community spirit.

The Carnival takes as its premise that being involved in community activities that are fun and enjoyable increases the community spirit, benefits the relationships between people, and fosters a general sense of ‘belonging’. This in turn leads to less civic disorder, less crime, and less petty irritating behaviours. Most importantly it provides a ‘feel good’ factor for belonging to a local community.

The Carnival provides a unifying theme around which people and organisations can organise and undertake activities which themselves help to achieve the objectives of the Carnival. That is, indirect Carnival activities (such as making costumes, preparing for stalls, learning new songs and dances) are themselves benefits from the Carnival as they arise from the fact of the Carnival itself. By providing a clear timetable, Theme and delivery infrastructure, these groups of people are able to direct their activities towards a single common goal.

The Crowthorne Carnival has a long and successful tradition in providing these benefits to the Crowthorne community through:

  • A Carnival Programme delivered to every home in Crowthorne to advertise the Carnival activities and also to provide an opportunity for local traders to advertise and for sponsors to demonstrate their support for the community.

  • A procession through the village in which any person or organisation can take part in any way that they wish simply for the fun of it.

  • A competition for the procession entries that provides an added impetus to ensure a high standard of entry.

  • An opportunity for local dignitaries and elected officials to be involved with the community in order to gain an appreciation of the community spirit in the village.

  • Provide an opportunity for local ‘emergency’ services (fire, police, St. Johns Ambulance etc) to engage directly with the community in a relaxed environment and to explain the range of their services.

  • An event field where any local organisation can have a stall to raise funds, to raise awareness, to showcase what they do, and to attract new volunteers etc.

  • A professional stage on which local acts can demonstrate their skills to a large audience, to advertise their other venues, and to attract new members.

  • Affiliated events throughout the week aimed to appeal to a wide range of people, organisations and preferences.

  • Surplus funds raised to finance the Carnival are distributed to community groups to help finance their local activities.

  • The Carnival provides an excuse for small groups (e.g. families, streets, local organisations) to continue the party atmosphere in their own way (e.g. B-B-Qs) outside of the organised events.

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